Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cabin, Bread, and So Forth

This weekend Logan and I are going to a cabin in Island Park with our friends Carly and Jeremy. I have had 3 Major tests this week and a huge project due. I have barely been able to focus because of my exploding excitement. Cabins always remind me of card games, diet coke, warm breakfasts in the morning, waking up with the sun, and poker. We love camping and being outdoors so this weekend is going to be awesome. After living in Rexburg for awhile I have determined that you just need to get out every once in awhile. This town is little and cute, but it can sometimes make you feel cooped up. So driving the one hour to beautiful Island Park is theraputic in a way...I don't know maybe I am just crazy.
P.S. On Wednesday morning I made the baked oatmeal. You guys have to try it. It's super tasty and it makes a ton so you can have it for the following mornings too. Also last night I made my FIRST french bread baguette! It was the craziest process ever, but it acutally tasted really good. I used our bread machine for the first time ever and it showed. I was freaking out at it's crazy noises only to figure out that I didn't put the pan in right. Then when I got home I looked in the little top window to find the bread only half kneaded and looking kind of ugly. I pulled it our and kneaded it by hand spilling flour everywhere. Then finally when it was all golden brown coming out of the oven. I drop it on the kitchen floor (I know what you are thinking I dropped it on the ground and then ate it? The answer is yes.) If I have figured one thing out during my cooking/baking endevors I have found that I am not graceful in the kitchen. I am yelling, saying things under my breath and overall speaking harshly to my projects which are inanimate objects. Maybe my craziness in the kitchen will pass and maybe it won't. I can say one thing though I am grateful for a wonderful husband that puts up with my crazy. Love you Log:)
Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend and enjoy the time off!

Love, Tay

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