Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Learning more about Each other

On Monday night Logan and I did our regular Family Home Evening routine. At the end of the lesson Logan suggested that we do an exercise out of one of our books. It is called Seven Principles for Making a Successful Marriage by Dr. Gottman. It has been one of my favorite marriage books. When Logan and I were engaged we would read it alot together to try and prepare ourselves for what Marriage as going to be like. It has a section on getting to know your partner better.
On Monday we answered True or False questions. Some of them were:
I know who my spouses best friends are. T or F
I know what stresses my spouse if struggling with right now. T or F
I know what my spouses life dreams are. T or F
I know what my spouses philosophy of life is. T or F
We learned so much more about each other. I realized on Monday night that I will never fully know everything about Logan, but I can't wait to spend the rest of my life getting to know him.

I really recommend this book. We love it.

Love, Tay

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  1. My mom LOVES that book! Ok you texted me to go to yoga tonight (thank you for the invite), now you are at yoga and I, on the other hand, just woke up from a nap and I'm looking at blogs...something is wrong with this picture...I gotta get to the gym asap. LOVE YOU!