Friday, May 6, 2011

The escape of the Traditional Woman

Last week I got the cooking/baking bug. I think it was the traditional woman insided me that I supress regularly, but escapes every once in a while. So Saturday I felt like making this cake. It is a homemade devils food cake. It was super easy and lots of fun. I made two layers, frosted it, and topped with some fresh strawberries. It was really yummy and Logan and our friends loved it. I am not what you would call one of those natural bakers. My friend Micheala came over on Wednesday and we made a billion cookies. Logan called them crackers because they were a little flatter then the average cookie. So as you can see making this homemade cake was somewhat of an accomplishment for me.
On Sunday we had some friends over for dessert. Logan made about 30 crepes. He was so good at it. I tried to make one and turned out aweful. My confidence was at a low so Logan took over and turned out to be a master crepe maker. Our friends Jamie and Brent made homemade ice cream too. So we stuffed crepes with strawberries, whip cream, ice cream, and oreo crumbs. It was as good as it sounds I promise.
I have decided to try to make something new every week. This week it will be macadamia brownies. Hopefull I won't burn down the kitchen... Keep you posted!

My cake! Isn't it cutie?

Love, Tay


  1. ok that cake you made it MOUTH WATERING!!! wowww.
    ps. loved the peanut butter cookies btw.

  2. Ok really Tay you have to be good at school and now just to top it off you are going all betty home maker on me. Why mom already likes you more. Help a sister out. Love you little sis. it looks great.

  3. seriously, the best crepes i've ever had - thank you logan thomas.