Friday, May 20, 2011

Worshipping the Sun

Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. Logan and I being true California's live for the sun. Where we live it is 65 degrees and sunny on Christmas day and we love it. We don't take very well to winter, but we stick it out. Of course Saturday was a day of homework like always, but we just couldn't be cooped up in the house all day so we decided to be in the sun. We live on the first floor and we have a nice little fenced in grass area in the back of our apartment. So Logan kicked out the screen and we hopped out the window so we could lay out. We had all the necessities, Horkleys, pretzels, books, and sunglasses. It was so warm and sunny. I wish everyday was a sunny day:)

Logan getting ready to study Anatomy

Logan climbing back into the house in his 80s swim suit.

Sunny time=Happy time

Love, Tay


  1. I love it!! The sun makes studying seem much more appealing :)
    I still haven't been able to put on a suit and catch some sun...I wish the weather here would make up it's mind!

  2. this pictures made me laugh... you guys are too cute!