Friday, July 15, 2011

Mail full of Joy

I am still at war with my blog template, but I have decided I will not let that stop me from blogging. Maybe someday I will conquer blogger and be victorious, but for now I will take what I get. This week Logan and I got some exciting things in the mail. First, my graduation dress came! I ended up finding a sweet little deal on an amazing dress. I am so excited to wear it and have been strutting around the house in it ever since it came (weird I know). Second, we got a new camera. For my graduation present my parents offered to help us buy a nice camera since we are going to be doing some traveling soon. The night we got it we went to the park and took our very first pictures. I still have no idea how it works and will be enrolling in a class when we move to Provo. So take a look at a couple of our novice pictures... 
Aren't they awesome? We are on our way to being professional (insert sarcasm...lots of it) Hopefully we will get a little better!

Love, Tay


  1. ps your picture is so fly:) you be lookin fine.

  2. so tell me why that pic of you? you so funny i love you so much..