Friday, July 29, 2011

This whole week we have been packing like crazy. Then once we were done packing it was time to clean. Lately we have been spending the days packing/cleaning then around 5 when we decide that we cannot possibly do it anymore we go to the park and read on a blanket in the shade. It is pretty interesting when you move to see all of the crap that you have in the corners of your house. Our little once bedroom apartment appears tiny at a first glance, but it can hold a lot and we have found that out in the last couple of days. Tomorrow is the big moving day. There will be doughnuts and milk for breakfast which I find appropriate for moving day. Then we will be driving South to our new home, Provo. I find moving pretty dreadful, but now I am kind of excited to start our second year of marriage in a new town. Our new apartment doesn't have internet so I figured I would blog one last time until that got figured out. Moving is chaotic, but Logan keeps me calm and put together with encouraging smiles, and his go-to attitude. It's our last night in our apartment and we will spend it laying in bed reading interesting books. Good bye #123 and thanks for a great year.

Love, Tay

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