Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday morning was very relaxing. We went to an early ward so we got home in the early afternoon. I was taking a nap when  I woke up to the smell of tasty banana bread. Logan was using our left over bananas for some tasty yumminess. I seriously love Sunday afternoons. They remind me of baking goodies for dessert, warm walks to the park, preparing a dinner for family, and laying on the living room floor talking. Lately its more like laying on the living room sweating though. I know I complain all winter about how I want it to be 90 degrees outside, but lately it has been HOT! I have been doing alot of looking in the freezer for things to eat (really just shoving my head inside so I will cool down.) I guess it is better then snow, but I find myself telling logan how someday we will be rich enough that we will have air conditioning. And if that doesn't happen at least we might be able to afford a fan to stick in the window:)
Today was my last day of work at the Sociology office. Our boss took us out to lunch at Craigo's to thank us for working there. I am really going to miss Karri she is the best kind of boss and so much fun just to hang out with. So I am officially done working at BYU-Idaho and I am not going to lie I am going to miss hanging out with the whole Sociology department. Ok, I apologize for all of my mushy reminiscing. I know it is probably getting really tiresome, but you will have to bare with me. I promise it will be over eventually. I am currently experiencing a transition that I have absolutely no idea how to navigate. So if you have any words of wisdom don't be afraid to reveal them.
I am currently sitting at my desk in the living room. Avoiding a five page Psychology study guide by blogging about some kind of bread that was made on Sunday and my girlie feelings so I guess I better get back. It will all be over soon...it will all be over soon... (the current phase that is playing over and over in my head). Back to studying.

Love, Tay

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