Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tomorrow morning at 7:00am we fly to Costa Rica. Tonight we packed up our backpacks and mine ended up being bigger than me. We have been getting all of the details worked out and found that there is no safe where we are staying so we can't take our new camera. I am a little depressed, but it's ok. Pictures existed before the new camera came right? We are super excited and just spent the last hour reading Guides to Costa Rica in the local Barns and Nobel. We are nerds I know. I will probably forget something important as is always the case, but life will go on. We are happy that our vacation is finally beginning. We have been out of school for a couple weeks now, but they have been packed with high stress situations and mental breakdowns (mainly me) but now the vacation begins. See you when we get back and hopefully I will have some decent pictures. ADIOS!!!

Love, Tay

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