Monday, August 15, 2011

We have returned! We had an awesome time in Costa Rica and are very happy to be at home now visiting our families. We flew to an airport in Northern Costa rica at about 9pm at night. We then had to figure out how to get to our Hostile. We jumped on the public bus and started our adventure. We got to our Hostile to find out that it was karaoke night for the locals. We checked in using broken spanish and got settled in our jail cell room. It was fun and we didn't mind the cold showers because it was sooo hot there. The next morning after Logan went on a run and got LOST! We took the bus to Tamarindo. It is a tiny little surf town on the coast. We had no idea where we were going so we just jumped off the bus when we saw the beach. We then wandered around Tamarindo looking for the place that we were staying. Finally we got to it and it was amazing. We were meeting up with some friends who were back packing up in Arenal and then got there about 2 hours after us. For the next week Logan, Mic, Wilson, and I surfed, played on the beach, saw a hundred iguanas that are seriously just like seagulls, ate smoothies, ate casados (rice, beans, and meat), rode horses, jumped off waterfalls, zip lined through the beautiful canopies, rappelled down a cliff, rock climbed up the same cliff, inner tubbed down the rapids, and went to a mud spa. At the end of the week Logan and I flew back to Salt Lake City and then on Saturday we drove the 12 hours to SLO where we will be staying for the next 2 weeks. It has been a hectic vacation, but so awesome.
Also, I have some great news. When we moved to Provo and stayed there for 5 days I was looking for a job. I applied for some jobs that I really didn't think that I would get. While I was in Costa Rica I received a job offer. I am now working for The Center for Women and Children in Crisis in Orem Utah. I am the director of the Sexual Assault division and will be the supervisor of the 40-60 volunteers that we have for Sexual Assault prevention. I am so excited to work for CWCIC. They are an awesome center and do so much to help those that are affected by sexual assault and domestic violence. My mom keeps telling people that I got a big girl job. I am so happy that I have been graduated for only  2 weeks and have landed my first real job. Logan and I are so blessed and excited for our new life in Provo. But for now we are excited out time at home that we get to spend with our families. Keep you all posted!

Love, Tay


  1. Thank you for keeping me posted on your vacation. I'm very jealous.

    ALSO, CONGRATS on being a big girl. Really, I am proud. Just make sure when you get back to Utah we go get us some corn dogs. okay? miss you.

  2. i am so proud of you!!! i feel like your mother, that's how proud i am :) and your trip looks like it was so much fun, im so glad you guys did that. miss you like crazy. oh and post pics of your new apartment! kloveyoubye

  3. love your pictures tay! looks amazing! so glad you guys had so much fun. also im so happy for you!!!!!!!! you are going to be amazing at your new job. love you!