Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We are in Provo! It has been a crazy couple of days, but we are here in our new apartment. We have been trying to get ready for our trip since we leave for Costa Rica in 2 days! We are backpacking so we have to make sure that everything is carry-on friendly as I have come to call it. Your bag must be at 22 x 14 in dimension and no more than 40 pounds. All of you liquids must be in 3 ounce containers and have to fit in a quart sized bag (which is slightly bigger than a sandwich bag). It is important to make copies of your passport just in case they are stolen AND it is wise to carry a purse with a zipper to avoid pick pocketing.  Next year we are planning on backpacking through Africa for a month or two so we decided that his is a good trial run to get everything down.
I have not snapped any pics of our new apartment yet, but I can tell you that the pink roses bushes covering the grounds are my favorite. I currently have some pink roses looking pretty on my coffee table as well. Coincidence?  However the down side is that there is no internet in the apartment until we get back from our trip so we have found a little laundry mat down the street that has free wi-fi. It's located right next door to a stogie shop if you are ever in town looking for one your in luck:)
The move has been good and we are excited for a new adventure. I'll let you all know how the beautiful land of Costa Rica fares when we return.

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