Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday Date Night Feature:
Since we have moved to Provo we have been surrounded by new shops and amazing restaurants. We decided we did not want to get into the same ole' pattern of just going to our favorite places to eat. We need to explore our new home. Every Friday night Log and I have a date night. Date night usually consists of going out to eat because the last thing I want to do on Friday evening is cook dinner (judge me if you want). We are on a budget so we try to eat at affordable places. So I decided that every friday I will do a Friday Date Night Feature on affordable, tasty restaurants to hit up. In case anyone else out there is looking for a fun place to eat out. Our first stop is Jason's Deli in Orem Utah. It is a cutie little restaurant that serves soups, salads, and sandwiches. Logan and I both got the Club sandwich that comes with chips. It was super tasty, Log thought it was ok. I think that's because he ate so fast that he inhaled it, thus not having a lot of time to really taste it. Jason's isn't like a subway at all you go and order at the counter and then they bring you your meal. Logan and I both ate for about $16. Now the best part about Jason's is if you go there you get FREE soft serve ice cream. AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! It's the basics just vanilla, chocolate, and swirl. I really liked this because it was the perfect thing to satisfy my after dinner sweet tooth. Jason's was a hit and I would definitely eat there again. HAPPY Labor day weekend. We are heading up to Salt Lake tonight. What are you doing?

Love, TAy


  1. dude my brother is totally the manager at jasons. haha give him a shout out for me if you ever see him.

  2. Hey you guys should try this little place on Provo Center street. Its an el Salvadorian restuaraunt and its so good and really cheap. Hopefully its still open, give it a try you wont be disappointed.