Thursday, September 1, 2011

When I was in California at my mom's house I got the baking bug... yes the baking bug. My mom has a fabulously large kitchen with everything you could ever want in it, and since I had nothing to do I decided to bake. I have been holding onto some recipes that I have been dying to try, but either didn't have the stuff for or just didn't have the time. So I made all of these beauties! Ok the Flourless chocolate marble cake was phenominal! We brought it to a party and it was a hit. It is super rich, but the bitter sweet chocolate is killer. Then I made a batch of Chocolate Chip Pecan Blondies. I don't know what it is about blondies, but I am such a sucker for them. They are like chocolate chip cookies, but on steroids. They once again are super rich but keep really well and are awesome right out of the oven. A couple days later the bug hit again and I decided to go in for the Kill and make the Peach Cake. I am not going to lie this recipe intimidated the crap out of me. There were so many steps it made my head swirl, but once it was done the sour cream cake and the cream cheese frosting made you melt. That night we all just sat on the couch and moaned because we had owned that cake. The night before I had left I decided to make some good ole' Homemade Oreos. Now my baking record isn't that awesome. I had tried to make homemade oreos before and I failed miserably. I remember feeding them to Logan and my brother and they never let me live down how awful they were. I had to redeem myself! These ones were awesome. They were chewy and tasty. So there these are all the creations I made while I was at home. I recommend all of them, seriously I am not just saying that you will die happy if you try anyone of these treasures.
Log and I found out that we are moving on Monday and I am not going to lie I am not that excited to walk up and down the stairs over a hundred times, but I will do anything for the second floor:) Sean, Rach, and Mckay are coming into town this weekend for a family reunion and I am so excited to see them. I miss not living next to them so this will be fun. I started having dreams about work. All the spreadsheets and reports that get filed. Last night I attended my first sexual assault class. It is a class I will be teaching eventually when I get my groundings. The class was awesome it is for survivors of rape and those that are just coming as support. I am already learning so much from the people that I work with. Log is starting to speak the language of Chemistry. It will be a challenging semester for him, but I have more faith in him then I do in anyone else. Tonight we are going out to play soccer with some friends and I am super excited to play again. Well I guess I will get back to the day! Happy Thursday.

Love, Tay

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  1. Oh my gosh...YUM! You go girl :) My husband wishes everyday that I'd get the baking bug haha!
    Good luck with all those stairs! You may have to bake some more goodies to give you guys some energy ;)