Friday, October 21, 2011

Every Wintery season I want a new coat. This year I am leaning towards this style. Comfortable and so versatile that you can wear it everyday. But a coat means cold and that makes me a little nervous. haha
I am glad that the week is coming to an end. I had to do fill out my grants this week and since I was playing catch up I did 9 total. I can't even think about statistics without wanting to throw up. I am excited for the weekend though. Tonight Logan and I are going to a Chemistry magic show on campus, which sounds nerdy, but will be fun. On Saturday I have a soccer game that I am excited for. We are undefeated so I get to brag a little and then Log and I are going to the dollar theater to see a movie. They are playing Cowboys and Aliens, Captain America, and Harry Potter. Which one should we see? We are going to end the weekend by having a big Sunday dinner which is always lots of fun.
Oh and last night my uncle came into town and took Log, Brad, and I to dinner. We went to Sakura which is a Tepanyaki place in Orem and we inhaled our food. It was so nice of him to take us out. Thanks Big Guy!!!
What are you plans for the weekend?

Love, Tay


  1. How fun!! Is this magic show at BYU? I've been hearing about it!
    Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it!

  2. 1. Love that coat
    2. Chemistry Magic Show does sound nerdy
    3. Harry Potter - of course!
    4. jealous that you got to see Big Guy. Was Kenny there too?