Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hunger Banquet

On Friday night Logan and I went to the Hunger Banquet at BYU. At the hunger banquet all event attendees are randomly seated and served a meal representative of high, middle, or low-income areas of the world. Because they want to create a visual representation of the global distribution of resources, most attendees (about 70%) sit on the floor and share a meager meal of rice and beans with those sitting around them (that was us!). Some (about 20%) are seated in chairs and eat a modest, one plate meal. A few attendees (only about 10%) are seated at fancy tables and served a lavish meal. After your meal is distributed there is entertainment and a key note speaker.
Log and I had so much fun I saw my country director from Uganda, love you Melissa! Logan and I had only eaten a small lunch early in the day and were starving as we sat on the floor waiting for the banquet to start, so Log cracked and ran to Taco Bell an scored us two bean burritos. We ate them quietly hoping that no one would see us. The hunger banquet left us with an awesome message. Here in the United States we are the 10%, but we have an obligation to improve the lives of those around us. At the end of the night we got to vote for the cause which the money from the event would be going to. Coins for Kenya won! We will definitely be going again next year.

Love, Tay


  1. I went to the hunger banquet here in hawaii. It was awesome. And YAY for melissa!!! what happened to her arm?! haha. love you tay. youre gorg as always.

  2. She broke her arm snowboarding!!! So sad, but she is as fab as always. Traveling the world like crazy.