Thursday, March 15, 2012

Since it has been warm that last couple of days all I can think about it summer time. I was scrolling through pictures of last summers Costa Rica trip wishing that we could be back there with the warm ocean, crazy iguanas, and never ending beaches. I am such a sucker for the ocean. I told Logan that when we settle down we have to be next to the beach, preferably on the west coast. I think that he would like that as well.
This week has been a little crazy and this weekend is going to be insane. Logan is helping to put on the Rex Lee Run fundraiser this Saturday and my friend Stacey is getting married! It is going to be an all day event and I am so excited for her and Brock, they couldn't be more perfect for each other. It seems like we are always busy, but it makes the time that we get to spend together so much sweeter. Last night Logan did homework till 10:00pm and then we just sat on the couch together and talked. I love those moments when I look at Logan and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace. Life might get crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't trade anything for those precious moments with my husband. Happy Thursday!

Love, Tay

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