Monday, July 19, 2010

4th of July Magic

This 4th of July Logan's family come up to Utah for a family reunion in Logan Utah. It was so much fun. We spent a night in Logan at the cabin and then went down to Park City to stay with Logan's sister Nicole. The 4th was full of sunshine, swimming, fireworks, flip flops, card games, and best of all hot dogs.

Having fun on the car ride to Park City.
Logan Cabin. Logan's grandpa built it. It is so pretty.
This my friends is called a bed swing. Simple concept, but so much fun to lay on and look up at the sky with the sun shinning down on you.
Logan obviously loves it.
View from the bed swing.
Logan workin hard at the BBQ!
HOT DOGS! So unfortunately I am allergic the nitrates in normal hot dogs, but Nicole being magic had these turkey hot dogs with NO NITRATES!!!! I almost cried with joy.
Us Thomas' are famous
I swear sparklers just make people happy.
Nathan and Alex with their sparklers.
Laying on the grass watching the fireworks.

We went Mountain biking Saturday morning in Park City. It was the scariest/funnest thing I have ever done.
The trail.
We are hard core. We wore gloves.
In provo we couldn't find a pool to swim in so we found a park with a sprinkler system instead. It was surprisingly refreshing.

I think it is safe to say that this 4th of July was a success. I love spending time with Logan and his family. We seem to find fun where ever we are and I am so grateful for that. Happy 4th of July. Cant wait for next year:)


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  1. thats the cutie little cabin you were talking about! we want to go!! im in love already.