Sunday, July 11, 2010

Packing my way out of RExburg

Last night after I got off the phone with Logan I got so antsy that I just started packing up my room. Mind you it was 1am in the morning and I still have about 11 more days of school until Logan comes and we drive home together. But for some reason I couldn't stop. I boxed up all of my books, files (yes, I am an adult), movies, lamps, and even took everything off of the walls. It is all stacked up in the corner of my room so now all that is left is my bedding and my clothes. My roommates thought I was crazy, but I think I'm staying ahead of the game.
So now here I sit in a white room cluttered with boxes and bags and yet I am totally ok with it. 10 more days left of school and then I will get to go home to Sunny California where everything makes sense again. For now I will enjoy my white room, 10 more days of school, and the warming thought of spending everyday for the rest of my life with Logan.
You can't blame a girl for being proactive:)


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