Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Girl's Best Friends

Once upon a time there were four friends... Makall, Taylor, Brooke, and Alex. We met in college and fell in love. My Freshmen year of college I was lucky enough to met 3 of the most wonderful girls I will ever meet.
First Makall. She is the kind, nice, loving, sweet, driven, and inspiring. Ever since I met Makall I have wanted to become a better person because of her example. She got married almost 2 years ago and is now pregnant with the most beautiful baby in the world. I obviously haven't seen her yet, but I have a feeling she is going to be stunning.
Second Brooke. She is friendly, funny, loving, passionate, and Amazing. Brooke is the kind of person that everyone loves! She makes everyone feel loved and appreciated. Brooke was once described as having a special sparkle in her eye and I love seeing it when she comes to visit me.
Third Alex. She is fun, supportive, spunky, and a great listener. I met Alex at a time when I really needed a friend. She was exactly that for me. We grew very close and have stayed that way ever since. I will always be grateful to Alex for being such a great friend to me when I really needed her.
These are my friends and I love them sooooo much. I know that they have come into my life for a reason. The Lord really knows who you need to meet in your life and I know he put Makall, Brooke, and Alex in my life for a reason. We have been friends for 3 years now and I know that we will stay close for many years to come:)

Hello Baby Noorda!

Brooke completes me...
Just some highlighter Yoga.
We decided to go on a walk in the rain. Brooke didn't have a sweatshirt with a hood so being the resourceful girl that she is she just put a bag over her head. So simple.
We just found an underground tunnel and decided to take some pics.
Just takin a walk.
Thor, you aint got nothin on us.

Having my friends here was wonderful! I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing girls. I love you MAkall, BRooke, and ALex! Thank you for coming to play with me:)


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  1. pregnant hormones or not, this made me bawl my eyes out. i love you.