Saturday, April 2, 2011

California's COMIN

This coming week is finals and instead of investment planning, counseling techniques, chemistry, and Old Testament trivia all I can think about is going to the sunny beach. I have 4 finals to take and focusing is kind of crucial at this point, but I just can't stop thinking about getting on that plan on Friday afternoon. And going to a place where there is endless food, warm weather, and the ocean. Hopefully next week the reality of my situation will set in and I will be able to do well, but even if I don't there is one absolute here and that is in a week I will be home.
Oh I survived my first night alone last night. I felt so silly. When I got home I did a quick sweep through the house just to make sure that there was no one hiding in my closet or in the bathtub, you know standard procedure. Before I went to bed I even looked under the bed just to make myself feel better. I took a big pillow and put in under the covers next to me for the allusion that Logan was here. It didn't work though because even with the pillow I got a grand total of 5 hours of sleep last night. So Log if you are reading this COME HOME! or find me a pillow that is 6'3 cause this one ain't hackin it...

Love, TAy


  1. i'm taking old testament too! i hope your finals go well. 4 of them must be stresful! but the beach will be worth it. it's been so warm and perfect in CA lately :)