Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Logan and I are moving to Provo in August. We are looking for a relatively inexpensive apartment that is close to BYU campus. Logan is going to ride his bike to school so we need to be near by. I have been looking like crazy but I just haven't found anything yet. We have never lived in Provo so we don't even know what is available. I have this intense fear that I am going to be forced to live in a dark basement and never see the sunlight. So if any of you know of anything please let us know. We would appreciate any help or advice that we can get!

Love, Tay


  1. thanks for your sweet message tay! maybe we can have a good chat on sunday.

  2. Search on ksl. We moved to northern Utah from St George and I had NO idea what I was looking for. I looked in Provo (but we didn't move there) and ksl seemed to post alot of options. Good luck girl! I know you'll find something!