Friday, April 29, 2011


Lately I have been thinking alot about my mom, Kimala. She is so wonderful and awesome. I really appreciate everything that she does for me. I love her because: She doesn't hang up on me when I call her at 7:00am so I can chat between my classes, she comes to Idaho EVERY winter in February to keep me from becoming clinically depressed, when I go home she makes sure I get to go to my favorite lunch places, she will come into my room and talk to me as I get ready for the day, she has held my hand through every break up I have gone through, she takes me to Foster Freeze to get an ice cream cone, she will eat bruschetta and grilled mushrooms for dinner with me just because I have a craving, she accepts my nudist nature, she tells me when I look good in something and when I don't, she is my personal therapist, she has encouraged me through my entire college experience and is probably the main reason why I am graduating this semester, she will read with me in the sun, She takes me to Costco with her so I can eat all the samples, she taught me the principles of the Gospel, she is the woman that I want to be someday. If you couldn't tell she is kind of cool:)

Love, Tay

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  1. who doesnt love Kimala?! she is like the greatest woman ever! you're definitely on the right track in becoming just like your wonderful mother :)

    miss you lots..

    and i mean it ;)