Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

1.) I need to get back into shape. Logan and i played soccer on Tuesday night and I can barely walk today.
2.) I wish I had a garden. I have a bamboo plant names Lucky, but i think he needs some friends.
3.) I wish Cadbuy Cream Eggs were sold year round.
4.) Logan and I are already planning our outfits for the midnight showing of Harry Potter.
5.) I think the color coral causes instant happiness.
6.) Pop Corn should be it's own food group.
7.) I am wondering if it is bad to eat strawberries every night.
8.) I don't think jeans should be worn in the summer. Just shorts, skirts, dresses and linen pants.
9.) My pasty complexion causes me anxiety.
10.) LAW and ORDER SVU is addicting. It's a vicious cycle.
11.) I have observed that walking on the grass will earn you some dirty looks on campus. I do it anyway because I think that is what grass is for.
12.) Nieces and Nephews bring a smile to my face every time.
13.) Ice cold water is substantially better than room temperature water.
14.) Homework is feeling more and more like a chore list that never ends.
15.)Recieving mail makes me feel important.
16.) Ther should be a class dedicated to meditation to keep my sanity intanct.
17.) I want to wear a hat every day.
18.) I would like to live in my bathing suit.
19.) I have started my reading list for post-graduation. Include books: Sense and Sensibility, The Help, Man's search for Meaning, Night, and The Dressmaker.
20.) Logan's jokes make my day.

This is my sister Tani and her daughter Milla. They make me instantly happy.

Love, Tay

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